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EEB plugin – Bescherm Emailadressen in WP

Bescherm emailadressen op je WordPress website met de Email Encoder Bundle plugin. Encodeer mailto links, emailadressen of andere tekst (zoals telefoonnummers) en verberg ze voor spambots. Makkelijk te gebruiken, de plugin werkt direct na activatie.

Heb je geen WordPress site, dan kun je via het Email Encoder Formulier je emails omzetten in veilige code voor op je website.


  • Bescherm mailto links en emailadressen
  • Automatisch of met shortcodes
  • Scan posts, widgets en comments
  • Bescherm ook RSS feeds

Extra Functies

  • Encode elke tekst (bijv. telefoonnummers)
  • Template functies
  • Maak zelf beschermde mailto links met het formulier
  • En meer…


Een email adres wordt op de site in onleesbare code omgezet voor de spambots. Bijvoorbeeld:
[ encode_email email=”” ]


Makkelijk te gebruiken

De plugin is eenvoudig in gebruik. Na het installeren staan de instellingen voor bescherming van mailto links direct goed. In WordPress Admin ziet de instellingen pagina voor Email Encoder Bundle er zo uit:

Admin Email Encoder Bundle

Gratis plugin

Email Encoder Bundle is een gratis plugin voor je WordPress website, dus installeer hem nu! Download van WordPress.org of installeer via je eigen WordPress site.

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Reacties (33)

  • Hi, Thanks for the plugin! I might suggest an addition:

    // also filter widgets
    add_filter( ‘widget_text’, array( &$this, ‘encode_filter’ ), 100 );

  • Good suggestion Jim!
    I will add the filter for widgets.

  • HAllo,
    bei mir funzt die DArstellung seit Update auf 3.1.2 nicht mehr.
    Ist das mein Fehler?
    Ist bei 3 Blogยดs so, mit verschiedenen Providern.

  • Hi Victor,

    LOVE the plugin. I’m experiencing an issue however with my dashboard when the plugin is activated. None of the dashboard boxes will open/close.

    Have you experienced this or had any other reports of it? Any pointers on how to fix it?


  • Seems to be working GREAT! I did remove the language=”javascript” line as I am using HTML5. Thanks!

  • @David: I had one more report of the dashboard toggle issue. Untill now, I haven’t succeed in reproducing the problem on my wordpress installations. Do you have any more details? (version of wp and plugin, your plugin options etc)

    @Pete: Thanks!
    About the language="javascript", that should have been type="text/javascript" (which is optional in html5). Will be solved in the next version.

  • A bit of a noob question, but how do I know if the plugin works (using WP 3.2)? And, what happens if the user doesn’t have JS installed?

    The output HTML is as follows:


    *protected email*

  • Uh! All the above code has vanished, hopefully you get the idea nonetheless.

  • Hello John, if that’s the output than the plugin works. If you use a JavaScript enconding method and JS is disabled in the browser, only the text *protected email* will be shown (instead of the mailto link).

  • Thank you for the prompt reply! Would you recommend using another form of encoding in the event of JS being disabled? Or do most people have JS enabled as default these days?

  • Maybe a few percent has disabled JS.

  • Hi,
    your protection crashed “my” image rotation so I took a look into it.

    just a little change in
    return ‘(function() {‘
    . ‘var ML=”‘. $MailLettersEnc .'”;’
    . ‘var MI=”‘. $MailIndexes .'”;’
    . ‘var OT=””;’
    . ‘for(var j=0;j<MI.length;j++){'
    . 'OT+=ML.charAt(MI.charCodeAt(j)-48);'
    . '}document.write(OT);})()*protected email*’;
    Now it’s an anonymous function with local variables –> much safer (which this image rotation should also use, but unfortunately doesn’t).

  • Hello Victor,
    great plugin. I would like it to also encode emails from bbpress 2 plugin. I tried adding filters like,
    add_filter( ‘bbp_reply_content’, array( $this, ‘_filter_callback’ ), $priority );
    but found they had no effect.
    I would also love to know how to make it encode emails in All in 1 calendar plugin without having to hack the plugin code. Is this possible?

  • Correction: emails in All in 1 calendar plugin are being automatically encoded.
    So encoding emails in bbpress2 plugin is my only request.

  • After testing I found the following filters will cause email addresses in BBPress plugin topics and replies to be encoded.
    add_filter( ‘bbp_get_reply_content’, array( $this, ‘_filter_callback’ ), $priority );
    add_filter( ‘bbp_get_topic_content’, array( $this, ‘_filter_callback’ ), $priority );

    It would be great if you would include these filters in your plugin.

  • Hello Johny and Mick,
    Thanks for your input. I will put it on the todo list for next release.

  • All-In-One Event Calender Filter (ai1ec)

    Im no expert on this but
    add_filter( ‘the_content’, array( &$this, ‘_filter_callback’ ), PHP_INT_MAX – 1 );
    is working for me.

  • Hi Victor, I am also getting the same problems as those below. I really like your plugin but have had to change for the moment. Any ideas on a fix? All my WP and Plugins are up-to-date. I am using Thesis.

    @David: I had one more report of the dashboard toggle issue. Untill now, I havenโ€™t succeed in reproducing the problem on my wordpress installations. Do you have any more details? (version of wp and plugin, your plugin options etc)

  • The plugin is great. I would love to see an update with the above mentioned updates as well as an option to either search the whole page, or if that is not good for speed, to search the header and footer where most of us will put email addresses.

    Also please feel free to put a donate button in the options page, I would like to throw a few bucks your way.

  • Hi Victor,

    How can I include a title for mouse-hover to the eMail address?


  • OK never mind the apostrophe. Looks like the error was mine!

  • @Leyelle: thanks for your reaction.

    @Chris: Does the new version fixes your problems?

    @Paul: No donation needed, your appreciation is reallly enough. Btw, most suggestions are implemented in version 0.60.

    @Nvrau: should also be possible with the new version, like:
    [encode_email email="" display="My Mail" extra_attrs="title='My own title'"]

  • Hello – Thanks for your plugin. I just updated to 0.71 and now the text following the encoded e-mail address is pushed to a new line that is spaced further apart from the other lines of text. If there’s anything you can do for this issue I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Hi Victor,

    Love your plugins (I use email encoder bundle and WP External Links). I’m working on a site in which there’s a custom post type that inserts a mailto link on the post via a custom field. For some reason, the email encoder plugin is not taking effect on that particular mailto link (it does everywhere else). Is there a way to “add” encoding via template tags? I’m comfortable editing templates.

    Please let me know. Thanks!!

  • Sorry for the late response.

    @Tamara: Do you have an example?

    @Andres: Thanks. And yes there is a template function:
    < ?php echo encode_email('', 'Mail Me!'); ?>

  • Hello,

    Plugin is excellent and works fine on website, but unfortunately its breaking checkout process in wordpress with all three kinds of encoding (js and html)

    do u have any solution for this ?

    thanks so much!

  • im sorry, i meant checkout in woocommerce !!!

  • Hi Victor

    I’ve installed your plugin and checked all settings – however the email address in the top header is still displaying in the source code. Is there a fix I can do for this?


  • Hi Paul, the plugin automatically encodes emails only within the posts. For other emails you should use the template functions.

    If you want a plugin to scan your whole page automatically, you might be better of with WP Mailto Links.

  • The text “*protected email*” is being added at the beginning of the post extract on the first page of this site. I have another site, supposedly configured identically, that doesn’t display this problem. Any idea what might be causing this anomaly?

  • The problem appears to have been caused by the “Social Media Feather” plugin. I turned of the email option and the note disappeared.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your plugin.

    How can I verify if it is working?

    Just for peace of mind reasons.



  • โ€œSocial Media Featherโ€ can not be a problem

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