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Externe Links in WP Optimaliseren voor SEO

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WP External Links is een WordPress Plugin om externe links op je site te optimaliseren. Verbeter de SEO en maak je site prettiger voor je bezoekers.

Opties voor externe links

  • Open externe links in nieuw tabblad (of venster)
  • Voeg “nofollow”  toe (en “external”)
  • Zet een icoon voor alle externe links, voorbeeld:
    Icoon voor externe links
  • Voeg eigen CSS class toe
  • Ook mogelijk om bepaalde links over te slaan
  • En  meer…

Makkelijk te gebruiken

De plugin is eenvoudig in gebruik. Na het installeren staan de instellingen voor SEO optimalisatie direct goed. In WordPress Admin ziet de instellingen pagina voor WP External Links er zo uit:

Admin instellingen

Gratis plugin

WP External Links is een gratis plugin voor je WordPress website, dus installeer hem nu! Download van WordPress.org of installeer via je eigen WordPress site.

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Reacties (83)

  • This is a wonderful plugin. This will save me a lot of time from manually setting external links to open in a new window. Good work.

  • Thanks Arun.

  • Hey,

    i’ve found a slightly bug in your plugin that applies to links as arguments in javascripts.

    Is there a special bug reporting site or should i just post the description here?

  • @mraero You can send it to me by using the contactform.

  • Thanks for the excellent plug-in. What a great time saver. Is it possible to add an option to exempt specific links from having the attributes applied? Thanks again.

  • Thanks John.
    It’s possible to skip links that contain a certain class (like “no-ext”). If that’s what you mean.

  • I want a link I created to stay on my website framed in somehow and not open a new window. Does this plugin or another do this.

  • Hi. I used your plugin on our site for helicopter film http://www.magicair.no ( norwegian ) but disabled the image option as I found out the plugin generates one image pr link, which makes download slower. Your plugin should use the same image many times rather than generating new copies/urls.

  • Hi. Feedback nr 2. The plugin makes links in jquery sliders open in new windows on IE and Chrome on Windows. Doesnt happen on Mac versions.

  • @Scott You could use this plugin to do the task.

    @John The images are loaded with css, which normally downloads the image just one time. About the second point, it would be nice to exclude certain links form being filtered. I will put it on the TODO list.

  • I upgraded to v0.34 today and it gives the below error on top of all the admin and blog pages:

    Warning: key_exists() [function.key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in …\wp-content\plugins\wp-external-links\wp-external-links.php on line 561

    How can I fix it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Shamis Have you already updated to v0.35? It should be solved now.

    Technical explanation….The problem occurs when no settings are found for another plugin (Widget Logic) while checking if the widget_content filter is activated. On my local installation I have tested also when Widget Logic was inactive. Because the old settings were still available in the database, I didn’t get the error.

  • Hi,
    This Plug-in is wonderful but I cannot use it together with Socialize plug-in… It destroys Twitter and Google Buzz button. I don’t know why so if anyone have any clue please let me know :)… At least for twitter (vertical button is not working, it become horizontal)

    Thank you.

  • Hi, i’m using the plugin and appreciate how well constructed it is. I need to know if it’s possible to add one more element. A mouseover/hover effect that would display a text message. We’d like it to have a warning that “Clicking on this link will leave this site” in a tooltip type effect for all the external links that the plugin already identifies. What would it take to add this functionality?

  • Victor, I sent a contact form email to you regarding customizing this plugin. I’d like to add the ability to display a custom message once the plugin is activated for the external links only. Please advise if this is possible. Thank you!

  • Hello Simco, I will implement this feature in the next release. For now you can use a workaround by adding this javascript code (works only with jQuery):

    if (typeof jQuery !== 'undefined' && jQuery) {
        jQuery(function ($) {
            $('a[rel*="external"]').attr('title', '...');

  • i like it…. so cool…

  • Character encoding error on latest version

  • Great plugin, thanks for good work, but the latest version broke all my site, this breaking the encoding of characters (accented letters appear broken), I’m not sure but I think also caught the functioning of some plugins to integrate with Facebook, example: Simple Facebook Comments For WordPress

    it could not before, I got the update problem and even downgrade it continues to break the site …

    any solution?

    i downgrade to version 0.35 and thats works fine, thanks!

  • I could not use the class=”no-ext”, the plugin does not interpret. Could you give an example of use with a link.

  • How do I change what the tool-tip message says?

  • @Roger: There is no “no-ext” class (yet), but it’s on the TODO list.

    @Maddew: See option “Set title-attribute”

  • Hi, I have a subdomain which i stored all images and I would like to dofollow it from my domain. How can I dofollow subdomain’s images using this plugin because there’s a lot images. Thank you.

  • Hi, I install v1.10 of this plugin and it gives the below error on top of the admin page:
    Warning: method_exists() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /…/wp-content/plugins/wp-external-links/includes/wp-plugin-dev-classes/class-wp-meta-box-page.php on line 410
    My website runs with PHP 5.3.5.

  • I’m having the same issue as Alexej above. There error is shown 4 times. The plugin does seem to work though. Please can you advise. Thanks!

  • Is there anyway to disable the plugin from filtering certain links?

    I have several links that load and iframe in a fancy-box. Something about the interaction with the two plugins stop the links from loading.

    The no link icon class does not seem to have any affect

  • I will remove the warnings/errors in the next release, which will be hopefully within a week.

    @lee and @craig: I’ve had a lot of requests about excluding certain links, but yet I haven’t found a proper technical solution for this.

  • I have installed the External Links plugin and now I do not know how to select a text from a page that needs to be an external plugin!!!!

    There is not a conection between the content on the page and the plugin!


  • Just add your links like you normally would. The links, that are external, will be detected automatically by the plugin.

  • hi,
    installed pluggin. enabled and it doesnt seem to work.
    It shows the external icon next to some links but not all.

    see it here

    any simple setup things to miss? (just installed via add new pluggin)

  • actually its being strange. on
    the first link (which is an image) has self target. other links to pages on that page are blank.

    I have a test link to google, that doesnt show the icon and has no target
    assuming this feedback helps. thanks

  • I was wondering whether there is a way to also include IntenseDebate links with nofollow as well?

    Apparently, they do use classes of:


    Is this something to do with the latest version ‘Add Class’ or am I misunderstanding the plugin’s use of classes?

  • Perfect Plugin!

    Just what I was looking for!
    Thanks you.

  • Hi, installed pluggin. Enabled and it doesnt seem to work.
    It shows the external icon next to some links but not all.

    See it here

    Just installed via add new pluggin. Any simple setup things to miss?

  • your plugin not works on 3.4.2
    please check

  • Is there any way to stop google ad from opening in an external page as this is a breach of their policy.


  • Could you add a function that allow us choose a rel tag (like friend) of links that the plugin don’t apply on?

  • Hello There,

    I was wondering will it convert old external links too? or will just convert new links?

  • thank you very much.perfect

  • Hi, awesome plugin. Quick request: any chance to completely disable loading of the external link “stylesheet” in head of pages for better SEO/pagespeed when not being used ? We’re not using icons/images, and a style sheet isn’t needed for the simple target_blank …. Thanks!!

  • Great plugin. Are you not updating it anymore?

  • Thank all for your reactions and appreciation. From now on I will try to respond sooner. :)

    @Kinosang: Not yet, because the filter “wpel_external_link” only applies on included links. Maybe it would be more logical to also apply it to excluded external links. I will think about it.

    @Himanshu: Plugin will convert all external links.

    @Christopher: Good idea. I’ll put it on the list.

    @Peter: Updates will be comming. First a minor update hopefully within a month.

  • Hello, Today i installed the plugin and save my lot of work. In my wordpress blog i have some sponsor post and those links should be dofollow. Could you please tell him how to mark them dofollow.


  • Hello Naaz,
    I don’t know how much control you have on the changing the html of the sponor links. There are 2 options:
    (1) Add rel="follow" to the sponsor links, the plugin will keep them follow
    (2) Use the option “Ignore links (URL) containing” and set domains of the sponsor links, f.e. ad.doubleclick.net

  • I have installed the plugin on my site and activated it, unfortunately do not know, whether the plugin will automatically add “no follow” on all external links viz., banners and links?

    On my part I want this plugin automatically attribute “no follow” link on every external link.


  • Hi, this doesn’t actually work for me. I’m using wordpress 3.8.1 and on all the sites I’m using it on (around 10) it doesn’t work.

  • Could you add the option of

    OR substr( $href, 0, 2 ) == ‘//’

    to the

    private function is_external( $href, $rel )

    In your next release?

  • Works like a charm. thank you for great plugin

  • @Vinay: It works when the option “Add nofolow” is enabled (under “SEO settings”).

    @BurlyQLady: What exactly does not work? Do you have the right options enabeld? Do you use a cache plugin?

    @Craig: Thanks for your suggestion. I will add it.

    @Fudianto: Thanks!

  • awesome plugin keep up the good work

  • Beste maker,

    Bij het installeren van de plugin zijn mijn permalinks veranderd en werken ze niet meer (terug naar standard ?=p230).
    Ook na deinstallatie krijg ik de permalinks niet meer werkend (in htacces bestand staat alles goed).
    HELP! Kunnen jullie mij aangeven wat de software kennelijk overschrijft in het systeem?

    Hartelijk dank alvast!

    Gr, N

  • @Sandeep: Thanks!

    @N: De plugin overschrijft niets (dus ook niet de htaccess). Bij activatie worden de externe links in de output real-time aangepast. Na deactivatie werkt het gewoon weer zoals daarvoor.
    Heb je misschien andere plugins geactiveerd?

  • HIi,
    Can this plug in correct the error message??
    Unnatural outbound linksMarch 20, 2014
    Google has detected a pattern of artificial or unnatural links on this site. Selling links or participating in link schemes in order to manipulate PageRank is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
    As a result of unnatural links from your site, Google has applied a manual spam action to onlinecultus.com/. There may be other actions on your site or parts of your site.
    Recommended action
    Identify paid or otherwise inorganic links by using rel=”nofollow” or redirecting to an intermediate page that is blocked by robots.txt.
    Remove any problematic links from your site.
    When you’re satisfied that your site follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, submit a reconsideration request.
    For an updated list of manual actions currently applied to your site, visit the Manual Actions page. If no manual actions are listed, there is no longer a need to file a reconsideration request.
    If we determine your site is no longer in violation of our guidelines, we’ll revoke the manual action.
    If you have any questions about how to resolve this issue, please visit the Webmaster Help Forum.

  • @Aleksandra: This plugin can automatically add rel=”nofollow” to your external links. That might be a solution to the problem.

  • Hi,
    excellent plugin, thanks so much!
    Is there a possibility to embed or enable retina-compatible external link icons? When activating your plugin, external link icons look somewhat low-res (10x10px….) on my macbook retina.


  • Hi there! Thanks for your good work. Is there a way (a class) so that the link can be marked with the icon but as rel=”external dofollow”?

    Thank you

  • Hi there,

    I installed the plugin, but it’s not working, nor showing up in my settings pages. any ideas?


  • @Massimo: You can add the icon class to a link (“ext-icon-1” to “ext-icon-20”).

    @Enj: You are sure the plugin is activated? It might not work on JavaScript generated content.

  • sorry–I was being a dope. it was activated, but I was looking in my settings area under “WP”, and it was listed as “external links”. works just fine. thanks!

  • Hi,
    plugin used to work allright, but after update of either my theme or the plugin I discovered a minor misfunction in the backend after a while:
    Design->adjust normally displays a preview of what you changed on your theme. Not any more. I have to deactivate the plugin to see it again.
    Not so bad because I am not adjusting my theme permanently but maybe nice to know. I am using MH Magazine and developer blames the plugin for that.
    Otherwise I am still enjoying and recommending it.

  • @Eddingpro: I tested it on other themes and it the design->adjust works well. So for now I will keep it this way. Thanks for recommending.

  • see screenshot:

  • The post above is about loading speed.
    external links plugin slowing down site most!!!

  • Since version 1.54 I get a javascript error:

    Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function wp-external-links.js?ver=1.54:2
    (anonymous function) wp-external-links.js?ver=1.54:2

    Can you fix this?

  • Don’t know if this is a major issue or not, but we are getting the following PHP notice on our site: http://screencast.com/t/mwZ1fDHH

    Thanks for the great plugin, it is a huge help!

  • @Tobian: Did some benchmarks and it was not that slow. I will put a code review on the list, to make some performance improvements.

    @Koen + @Jay: Fixed in v1.55!

  • Trying to make external links work with woo commerce, do you know how to make this work?

  • @Marie: Can you explain a little bit more?

  • %title% does not seem to be working :(

  • @SchaOn: After the update? Do the original links have a title set? Please send me an email with more details.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your wonderful plugin that I use on different websites. Unfortunately there is a issue on my site http://stricknadeln-ratgeber.de. Your plugin seems to overwrite CSS styles of the theme AffiliSEO. When your plugin is activated, the Amazon Button becomes white ore transparent instead of orange. When I deactivate the plugin, the button has its normal color. Could you fix this or tell my what to do? I would love to use the plugin.
    To show you, what I’m talking about, I activate the plugin now. You see on this site http://stricknadeln-ratgeber.de/produkt/knitpro/, that there is something wrong with the Amazon Button. Could you please help?

  • Stop, I just discovered the soloution. I exclude the word Amazon from the URLs. That’s it.

  • My “soloution” is not working. If I exclude the word Amazon, text links are no longer marked as external links as well.
    Do you have another soloution?

  • Hello Ingrid, to me the amazon buttons look allright (in all browsers). Please send me an email through the contactform to discuss this further.

  • Hello Victor, sorry for the late answer. I did not get an email notification. I added a !important to the buttons CSS. Everything is OK now. Thanks!

  • Hello,
    Thank you very much for your plugin! It works perfect! But I found one problem. It is next:
    I have a multi lingual web site. I’ve done translation of text to other languages and made an internal links (see this page in Chinese language as example – http://www.lifeisfreedom.net/zh/2015/08/visiting-ireland-with-a-visa-to-the-uk/). But! An internal links get next an incomprehensible form:
    Please, tell me: why it is and how can I check it?
    Thank you in advance!

  • I found solution, but isn’t a good way :(
    I’ve deleted all link, saved a page and made them again. So, it works, but in case of a lot of links and languages it will be crazy difficult :( I hope to get you professional help.
    Thank you!

  • Also, when I put a link with https (f.e. – https/www.dfa.ie/irish-embassy/russia/visas/visas-for-ireland/) – I’ve got redirect by click this link by this unknown website:
    What is it and how it is possible?
    P.S. In code just link: https/www.dfa.ie/irish-embassy/russia/visas/visas-for-ireland/, but automatically transformed to http://https/www.dfa.ie/irish-embassy/russia/visas/visas-for-ireland/ So, solution is do not put https, but is is exactly not good way :(

  • And last one details. It was copied text after page-translation in Google Translator and Bing Translator. By using copied text from notepad f.e. – no problem with links. So, it might be some reaction to cache or copied text?

  • Hello,

    After disabling caching – it seems still not to work for me. We are using Visual Composer perhaps that is the reason? The site in question is http://www.saltchamberinc.com

    Let me know your thoughts when you get a chance, thank you!

  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-external-links/ Link is down

  • Hallo,

    wann kommt endlich ein Fix für die XSS-Sicherheitslücke der Version 1.80? Ansonsten werde ich das Plugin von allen Seiten entfernen (müssen).

    Danke & weiter so!

  • @Chris + @Markus: The plugin was taken down because of a security vulnerability. Offcourse it has been fixed.

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